Queens bridge

Following on with our history of Perth's bridges, we come to Queens bridge. An important structure, it was built in 1960 on the site of the Victoria bridge. The old bridge was raised around 6 foot so that traffic could continue to cross whilst the new bridge was constructed below. Queens bridge is believed to be the first structure of it's kind in Scotland and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 10th October 1960.

Queen's bridge sits between Stanners Island (home of Perth's first bridges) and Moncrieffe Island, providing an important crossing point for vehicle traffic leaving Perth at a cost of £150,000.

The original Victoria bridge caused contention with a villa owner on the Eastern bank where the steel structure was planned to finish. After several rounds of failed negotiations the part of the villa that would be in the way was placed under a compulsory purchase order so work could continue. After demolition the gable ends were left in place either side of the bridge as a sign of anger.

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