5 facts about the Eurasian Beaver (Castor Fiber)

Perth is the first city in the UK to have it’s own resident Beaver population, here are a few facts that make them an awesome addition to the fair city.

  • It’s the second largest member of the rodent family, being slightly smaller than the South American Capybara and weighing in at around 20 kg. Ungainly on land they are quick and agile in the water.

  • They were hunted to extinction about 400 years ago for their fur, meat and scent glands.

  • As a keystone species they provide vital ecological services such as habitat creation for an abundance of wildlife, creating river features that slow water down helping to reduce flooding and improve water quality.

  • Beavers can hold their breath for around 15 minutes, allowing them to forage for food and escape to safety.

  • Using their sharp chisel like teeth strip bark and can work through very thick trees, though they tend to prefer younger saplings.

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